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Youths win the Summer Cross

Round 6 of our 2017 Summer League featured a short CX course at Rozelle Park, made all the more fun by a welcome visit from Dunlop CC!

on the start line

The handicapped format gave the u14s a 4 lap head start on the seniors.   The seniors were originally split into two groups based on experience.  However, the lack of concentration of the timekeeper turned this into one big group.

the leading adults finally find the right course

The Burners’ new orange course markers proved very effective by the fourth lap when it slowly became apparent how the course was intended to flow…

There was some isolated trouble in the crowds including belgian spectators throwing grass on the track

A new feature of wooded single track suggested some new course options for the 2018 Doonbank Trofee

Well done to Tynam, Ethan and Rory who topped the podium, and thanks to everyone that attended!

  Rider   Points
1 Ethan u14 50
2 Tynam u14 45
3 Rory u14 40
4 James Edwards 38
5 Henry Cruickshank 36
6 Neil Kinnaird 34
7 JP Baxter   32
8 Gary Currie 30
9 Craig Roberts 28
10 Jo Baxter   26
11 Gordon McNab 24
11= Kenny   20
11= Kai   20
11= Darren   20
11= Harvie   20
11= Alan   20
11= Rob   20
11= Andy   20
19 Robin Johnson 18
Timekeeper Lucie + Christopher JG 20


CJG14 • August 11, 2017

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