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Meet our Belgian Twin!

We are delighted to introduce our first ‘twin’ cycling group – Péd’Hallet.

Based in the little village of Grand Hallet in Belgium, Péd’ Hallet is a group of social riders who met through their children’s school.  They enjoy a mix of on and off-road cycling and take part in the many local VTT randonee style rides locally.  pedhallet1

Grand Hallet is in French speaking Wallonia, and not to far from the fabled Mur de Huy.  Although the area is better known for the famous Fleche Wallone road race, Péd’Hallet enjoying exploring the intricate network of off-road paths and lanes most of all.

As part of our twinning we’ll share some ride reports and hopefully even get out riding together.

image1We are also most impressed at Péd’Hallet’s published commitment to fine Trappist and Abbaye biers for ‘calorie replenishment’.   Find out more at pedhallet.be

Off-road night rides are part of the adventure (and possible after bed-time)

Off-road night rides are part of the adventure (and possible after children’s bed-time)

We’re hoping this is the first of several twinning ventures, so if you have other suggestions let us know.

CJG14 • June 3, 2015

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