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Harry’s Post-Ride Blog

Picture above: Ryan Ferrier proudly wearing his new Burners top

Once again we are grateful to our wordsmith Harry McGarvie for documenting our activities. Below we have his account of our Cyclocross skills session at Rozelle.

ABC Cyclocross Skills Number 3

On Sunday 19th of April, Rozelle Park in Alloway held host to the third Ayr Burners’ cyclocross skills session of the year. These sessions are always great fun, and can be ridden on both Cyclocross bikes, Mountain bikes, and really all bikes with knobbly tires.
More than twenty Burners’ attended the event, with many youths – ranging from the age of two all the way up to fifteen, plus lots of men and women alike. All were excited for a good couple hours of fun.

We all met in the Rozelle car park at ten am on the dot(ish). Then the group rode up to the middle of the large field, and congregated next to a very cool and life like sculpture of the Gruffalo!
To warm up, we played a kind of musical chairs on bikes, a game in which a large circle is made out of cones, and we all have to ride around the outside, choosing a cone once the ‘excellent’ choir singing stops. The cones are slowly removed, and the riders without a cone have to join the ABC choir. In the end, the youths came out on top, with six year old Max winning the game.

Next on the agenda was some more of our ‘world renowned’ Burners’ games, all of which proved great fun. After all of the games, it was time to begin some real Cyclocross. We all split into four small groups, each given the task of creating one small section of a Cyclocross course. Our course included a fast start straight, a section of hairpin bends, a slalom course, a tight box turn, and some hurdles, leading back into the start/finish straight.
We all had a short race, of three or so laps over the course, in which everyone put all of their excellent bike handling skills to the test, and it made for exciting viewing.
Finally though, the two hours of riding was up, and we had to dismantle our course and head back home, happy after a good days riding.

Next up is the Burners’ balance bike session, on Sunday 3rd of May, in Belleisle Park in Ayr. This is a fun session for riders aged 2 – 4 years old. The young riders will have an opportunity to play some fun cycling games in this brand new park. This session is currently sold out but any late returns will be published via our social media.

ChrisJG • April 19, 2015

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