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Bikes at Burns

You may have noticed that this coming Saturday (13th July), there is a special bike-themed event taking place at the Burns Museum. As well as being the starting point for our regular Saturday morning social rides, this weekend will see a bunch of different activities taking place.

The Clan stunt team will be there, performing some amazing feats that will captivate kids of all ages. Adventure Carrick will also have a stand, and they’ll be providing advice and servicing during the course of the day.

As far as the Burners are concerned, we’ll be hosting a Burns-themed ride which is open to anyone who wishes to join us. Depending on the numbers, it’s likely that the regular run will take place as normal, with a few of us taking the separate Burns-themed ride and having some fun with folk who’ve not been out with us before.

There’s a link to the Burns Museum page below. It would be good if we could share news of this event, and encourage as many potential cyclists as possible to come along and give it a go …..

Donald Laurie • July 7, 2019

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