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Life in Lockdown

As we gradually see lockdown restrictions ease, we thought it would be good to share some pictures of what Burners have been doing since group activities were curtailed. Here’s a small but varied selection showing what we’ve been up to / where we’ve been since that day in March.

Thanks to all who contributed photos …..

Before you ask – no, it’s not Chevy Chase. Chris, Dave, Duncan and Rod spent an afternoon fixing brakes, gears, punctures and other bike probs in the Savoy Park car park. The queue had to be seen to be believed. Well done, guys ….
Ally organised a socially distanced and guideline compliant sized group to head up Mennock Pass. Unfortunately, he forgot to organise a dry day for it ….
Jude working hard on the rollers in the back garden on one of the many warm days in the early part of lockdown.
The Savoy Park pop-up BBQ was a popular ride end for many Burners family rides. They were so good, some even turned up early to get pole position in the queue.
Blue skies and Ailsa Craig in the distance. Typical features on many solo rides down the coast.
They say it never rains on a golf course. It certainly did this day !!!!
In February, nobody used Zoom. Now everyone does. Here’s the Burners being well represented in a Kinetic training session.
We’re now at the stage where group rides can be made up of up to 15 people – from 5 family groups. This one was 5 from 5 family groups, which will be a common sight on the roads for the foreseeable future.

Donald Laurie • August 3, 2020

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