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Henry beats the Tide – StravaRide Series 1

Congratulations to Henry Cruickshank, winner of our inaugural ‘Tide Race’ – challenging riders to make the fastest trip from Troon promenade to Prestwick Promenade via the sandy beaches.   Six riders set off from Prestwick at 1pm to take advantage of low tide – getting a chance to sample the sand and best crossing of the Pow Burn.


A brief pause on South Beach provided ample opportunity to share scare stories, before the charge back began with a steeplechase and remount!

Henry and Gary quickly got an advantage over Lindsay.  A close run finish was upset after Gary had a quick dip crossing the Pow Burn.

Our next series event is the 1/2 hour record at Prestwick Oval


CJG14 • January 8, 2017

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