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ABC Summer Series

Our 2015 Summer Series features 8 mid-week mini-competitions over a variety of cycling disciplines, each in a location chosen for quiet roads and accessibility.  As evening events these are short and should be as much about banter and fun as they are about testing skills and going quick.

As well as traditional road and cross events, the series also includes orienteering and a ‘Skills Olympics’ where technique and strategy count for at least as much as strength and ignorance!

Week 1

14th May, 7pm

Barnweil Monument  GP

Meet at Monkton Cross

Time Trial (Handicap)

2 x 4.5km

Week 2

28th May, 7pm

Annbank and Stair Fayre

Meet at Auchincruive

Strava Ride


Week 3

11th June, 7pm

Rozelle Summer Cross

Meet at Rozelle Park



Week 4

25th June, 7pm

Troon Treasurehunt

Meet at Troon Rail Station

Cycle Orienteering


Week 5

9th July, 7pm

Marine Drive GP

Meet at Magnum Centre

APR – Handicapped road race


Week 6

23rd July, 7pm

ABC Skills Olympics

Meet at Auchincruive

Games and Obstacle Courses


Week 7

13th August 7pm

Tour of the Smugglers

Meet at Troon Rail Station

Cyclocross Strava Ride


Week 8

27th August 7pm

Prestwick Dirt Pursuit

Meet at Prestwick Oval

Dirt Track



We will use a best of six rounds formula and points will be awarded as follows:

1st 50 17th 14
2nd 45 18th 12
3rd 40 19th 10
4th 38 20th 8
5th 36 21st 7
6th 34 22nd 6
7th 32 23rd 5
8th 30 24th 4
9th 28 25th 3
10th 26 Timekeeper / Marshal 20
11th 24 To qualify for points you must be a member of Ayr Burners Cycling
12th 22
13th 20
14th 18
15th 16

At the end of the year there will be a prize for the winner in an open, vet’s, women’s and youth category.

A Strava Ride is a regular social ride with a difference.  Certain ‘sectors’ a pre-agreed as being game-on for racing.  Outside of those sectors the group must ride together.  Any rider who drops or leaves the group outside a sector is disqualified for being antisocial.  Therefore, regardless of your strength, speed, or aspiration to race, you can enjoy a great night out without feeling you are slowing someone else down!

The Ayr Burners Summer Series is open to all members and prospective members of Ayr Burners Cycling.  However, only paid members will qualify for points.  Full information will be available for each activity in our events calendar.

CJG14 • January 5, 2015

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