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2015 Challenge 1: Strava Art

In 2015 we will set 8 challenges throughout the year.  Points will be awarded to everyone who completes each task and at the end of the year the winner(s) will be rewarded handsomely!

To add to the fun, each challenge will only be revealed after the last has completed.

So….  First up is Strava Art.

Can you represent Ayr Burners on a bike ride?  To make this fun we will award points based on level of complexity…

  • the full ‘Ayr Burners’ scores 50.  Anything additional gets an extra 10
  • a simple ABC gets 30.  Anything in between will get some recognition too

However, do note: simply writing in an open car park or field, requiring us to really zoom in on your file will NOT score anything more than 10 points.

stravaA Strava week runs Monday to Sunday, so this challenge opens on the 5th January and closes on the 1st February.  To participate you will need to be a member of the Ayr Burners Cycling strava group – join here: http://www.strava.com/clubs/AyrBurners

If you don’t already use Strava you can download it readily to your smartphone or upload files using a GPS device like a Garmin.  Strava gets a mixed reception but we really like how it can be used for innovative challenges so get involved!

CJG14 • January 2, 2015

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