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Intensive Farming Methods benefit Adam

In round 2 of our Summer League, Adam Stevens surprised the judging team with a fine win over defending champion Gary Currie at the Barnweil TT.

The format of the event has riders complete a short loop as a time trial, before the positions are reversed and the fastest riders have to play catch up in a second round pursuit.

Glorious sunshine met the riders, as did a cavalcade of busy farmers in their tractors mowing fields.  This prompted several riders to revise their cyclocross skills on narrow roads with little room for passing.  Times at the end of the first stage were:

  1. JP Baxter 09:27
  2. James Edwards 09:37
  3. Hugh McKibbon 10:01
  4. Adam Stevens 10:19
  5. Gary Currie 10:26
  6. Kevin Pugh 10:44
  7. Henry Cruikshank 10:49
  8. John Hay 11:44
  9. Richard Tailor 14:41

To allow the farmers to go about their business without being bothered by burners we quickly improvised a new circuit for stage 2, starting at the bottom of one hill and finishing at the top of another.  Richard set off first (with a scandalously reduced 90second buffer on John Hay)

And the beauty of the format is that all riders finished within a minute of each other:

  1. Adam Stevens – 50 points
  2. Gary Currie – 45 points
  3. JP Baxter – 40 points
  4. Hugh McKibbon – 38 points
  5. Kevin Pugh – 36 points
  6. John Hay – 34 points
  7. James Edwards – 32 points
  8. Richard Tailor – 30 points
  9. Henry Cruikshank – 28 points
  10. Timekeeper – Chris JG – 20 points

Winner Adam Stevens said

As soon as I caught Gary I thought I had a chance of staying away

Runner up and defeated Gary said

I blame the farmers

Third placed JP Baxter said

I’m taking nothing for granted until we complete dope control

Until next time…

CJG14 • May 25, 2017

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