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Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 to all Burners, friends, family and sponsors (more on that on a forthcoming post) – let’s hope it’s an improvement on 2020 !!! As usual, 1st January saw us gathering for the traditional New Year’s Day ride. However, as well as the long-standing ride up to the Masts,…

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New Year’s Day Mast Ride

It’ll come as no surprise that this (next ?) year’s Ne’er Day Mast Ride will be a bit different from previous year’s rides. Instead of a peloton of 20-30 going up in a big group, we’re going to split into smaller bunches so that we comply with all current regulations and socially distance as appropriate….

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Welcome back to the ‘Sparks’!

Learning to cycle is the start of a lifelong adventure, so let’s start early! We’ve teamed up with our amazing sponsors at the Savoy Park Hotel to bring back our popular ‘Sparks’ balance bike sessions for 2-5 years olds in the stunning hotel grounds. This session is led by a fully trained volunteer, and includes…

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Online prescription for viagra

The fabled cobble will have a new name for 2020 !!! The winners of the 9th Ronde van Ayrlaanderen are … Alex Paterson and Sharon McNicol. Having been delayed from its usual spring slot, the 9th Ronde was a slightly strange affair, run under cool autumnal conditions, with two groups out on the road rather…

Cheap substitute for viagra

Ardnamurchan Gravel Ride

We’re going to run occasional write-ups of Burners rides away from the familiar roads of South Ayrshire.   Here’s the first about a scenic gravel ride in Ardnamurchan.   Please share your experiences, and we’ll publish them here too (no cash will change hands !!!). This could actually be posted on Paisley Velo’s site, as I was…

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Introducing the Burners’ Family Bike Library

We have a few bikes and great equipment ideal for families with younger children. Available on long term loan to members and supporters. Check out all the details here

New Group Ride Guidelines

You’ll probably have seen the new set of cycling guidelines that were issued by Cycling Scotland for club activities. These mean we’re now allowed up to 30 riders, and a Club Covid contact/coordinator is now mandatory. JP and Jo will jointly take on the coordinator job, ensure a log is kept of who attends the…

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Life in Lockdown

As we gradually see lockdown restrictions ease, we thought it would be good to share some pictures of what Burners have been doing since group activities were curtailed. Here’s a small but varied selection showing what we’ve been up to / where we’ve been since that day in March. Thanks to all who contributed photos…

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Group Rides Update

The last post on the Burners web-site, which seems like a very long time ago, was to announce that all group rides had been postponed until further notice due to the impact of Covid-19. There have been many changes since then, but the good news is that Scottish Cycling have published updated guidelines on their…

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